Our drink recipes have been perfected through thousands of customer interactions in our former tasting room / vodka lounge.  For this reason, many of our example cocktails are featured in martini glasses with extravagant garnishes.  Rest assured, all of our recipes will be delicious in any old glass, cup or mug you find around the house or campsite with or without garnishes.  Don't forget -  Torta Bianca comes out of the bottle ready to drink! 

                                                                         - The Mid Oak Distillery Team 


Valentines Day Delight

Following white chocolate pudding instructions (we have found Godiva to be best) - replace 50%-75% of the milk with  Torta Bianca (depending on how much alcohol you prefer).

Pour finished into chocolate cups and drizzle with chocolate sauce.  

Yep...it's that simple. 

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In a cocktail shaker; mix:

2.5 oz Torta Bianca

1 oz Café Patron XO (or any coffee liquor)

Shake gently and pour into martini glass

Sprinkle cinnamon over top

Torta and Coffee.jpg

Torta and Coffee

So simple and so delicious.  This one is easy...pour as much Torta Bianca into your coffee as you like. 

St. Pat's Perfection

Swirl inside of glass with chocolate syrup

In a cocktail shaker: mix; 

3 oz Torta Bianca

1 oz Creme de Menthe liquor 

 Shake gently and pour into glass. 

download (3).jpg

Double Trouble Chocolate Delight

Pour 4 oz Torta Bianca in a cocktail shaker.  Add a healthy squirt of chocolate syrup.  Shake gently and pour into a glass.  Garnish with chocolate pieces and shaved chocolate. 

Caramel Espresso

In a cocktail shaker: mix; 

3 oz Torta Bianca

1 oz caramel or vanilla vodka

     (yes, they will taste nearly identical)

Shake gently and pour into glass. 

Garnish with coffee beans