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     The Story of  Torta Bianca

The Torta line features several luxurious, ultra premium, cream liqueurs and it started with the original Torta Bianca.  Torta Bianca was created for use as a cocktail and martini base in the original Mid-Oak Distillery Tasting Room. As customers lined up out the door to taste samples from our vodka line, we realized that many people wanted to try the product with something special. 


So we began mixing our ultra premium vodka with real cream and natural chocolate syrups.  Over time, we experimented with an array of flavor sources and ultimately tried a sprinkle of white cake mix.  Our customers loved it!  Word of mouth traveled quickly and before long, new customers were traveling from Wisconsin, Indiana and Michigan, just to try Torta Bianca. 

in 2020 we started adding flavored varieties to the line.  We also streamlined our production process and changed the alcohol cream base to a clarified wine.  While this does not impact the taste, it does allow us to offer a wide variety of flavors for sale online and direct home delivery in many states!  As of March of 2022 all of the Torta line are made of wine based cream.  We bet you cannot tell. 

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The Addition of
Torta De Menthe


Torta De Menthe was developed for the Chicago St. Patrick's Day Parade in 2020.  The event was cancelled due to the pandemic, but we moved on anyway!  Albiet a bit slow, Torta De Menthe was released for St. Patrick's Day of 2021.  It was such a hit with our customers, that we decided to make it available every day!


Peanut Butter Cup 


Torta Al Cacao does not need much of a description.  This special drink is exactly what it sounds like, a peanut butter cup in a bottle.  The rich peanut butter taste and simplicity of Al Cacao makes it the perfect addition to any occasion.  

Classic Pumpkin Spice

The number one request of Torta fans has always been Pumpkin Spice.  And...this delicious drink is finaly here!  We have perfected the blend of luxurious cream and select spice flavors to round out this amazing cocktail!

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Just in time for the Holidays!


In the spirit of the holiday season, and all things Torta, our Peppermint Mocha cocktail will help you make unbelievable drinks with just one bottle.  No longer are the days of buying syrups and flavors.  With Torta Peppermint Mocha, you only need to chill, pour and garnish to your content.

choco strawberry martini image.jpeg

Not Just For
Valentines Day!

At first glance, the Chocolate Strawberry label certainly screams Valentines Day!  This flavor is a perfect fit for the holiday and other special occasions, BUT, it is a perfect choice any time you are ready for a delicious, decadent drink.

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