About Torta Bianca

The multi level flavor profile makes it the perfect selection as a martini or mixed drink base.  As a bonus, Torta Bianca’s flavor is smooth, neutral, and dynamic offering a delightful profile which means it is delicious straight out of the bottle!  


Torta Bianca is a proven customer favorite.  It has been utilized in thousands of martinis, cocktails, tastings.  Torta Bianca is a favorite for cocktail making classes because it is nearly impossible to make a bad drink with it.  Now nicknamed "Torta"; our delightful drink always stands out as "one of a kind".  It will also change the way you look at your selection of coffee creamer!

Torta Bianca was developed by the founders of Mid-Oak Distillery...by accident. 


That's right - the plan was to develop a decadent chocolate cream based liquor for a martini and cocktail base in the distillery's on-site tasting room.  During the 1st formulation test, a small sample of white cake flavoring was unintentionally added to the chocolate recipe. 


After realizing how perfect the two flavors were together; we diligently worked until the white cake and chocolate truffle flavors were balanced perfectly with the cream and Ultra Premium CD Vodka -and Voila!  Torta Bianca was born!

You don't have to make pudding with Torta Bianca and fill chocolate cups with the delightful concoction...but you'll be missing out if you don't.